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This is my home. Grew up here. I’ve traveled the planet and I know a great city when I see it. Friendly Street. College Hill. The University. South Hills. North Eugene. Ferry Street. Coburg. The Whiteaker. This is where I was born, and the neighborhoods of Eugene are an integral part of me. These are places I’ve played, studied, worked and am raising a family. As experience would illustrate, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

You’ll find that I’m a natural guide to the world of Eugene real estate. Take a friendly, honest and outgoing University of Oregon graduate and add a decades-deep exposure to the nooks and crannies of our market on every economic and social level. Next throw in extensive personal success as a buyer, a seller, a landlord and an equity-conscious family homeowner. Finally consider the satisfaction I get by serving you, my calm, level-headed professionalism and my imperative lifestyle approach for meeting your goals.

Be it selling or buying or just getting an education on the market, I can help by imparting my intimate knowledge of Eugene, the kind only a native Eugenean can provide.

Join me in a search for your new home.


Stick and Jab!

Ben : January 18, 2012 6:30 pm : Blog

Are you a family wanting to move into a different school district?

Need to sell your current home to complete a new purchase?

We have just landed a knock-out punch for Joel and Melissa Davis, and their wonderful children.

They made the first half of the multi-transaction move easy for us by keeping their cool, hip property tidy and manicured, and by following our pricing input. We did well and not only secured them a cash offer but allowed them to stay in their old home and “rent back” while they looked for just the right home in the South school district.

We were all patient, but mostly uncompromising in our devotion to the diverse needs of this large and growing family. So it took a bit of time. Along the way, our customer service was paramount. In the end, success!

Yesterday we closed their purchase transaction with the wonderful help of Portland’s River Capital and Eugene’s Western Title, putting Joel, Melissa and their kids on Hendricks hill, in the South district, with more square footage and views, views, views. In addition, they stepped into a many-thousands equity position due to our aggressive yet polite negotiating.

Congratulations to the entire Davis family! Welcome to South Eugene!

Welcome to south Eugene!


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