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Stick and Jab!

Are you a family wanting to move into a different school district?

Need to sell your current home to complete a new purchase?

We have just landed a knock-out punch for Joel and Melissa Davis, and their wonderful children.

They made the first half of the multi-transaction move easy for us by keeping their cool, hip property tidy and manicured, and by following our pricing input. We did well and not only secured them a cash offer but allowed them to stay in their old home and “rent back” while they looked for just the right home in the South school district.

We were all patient, but mostly uncompromising in our devotion to the diverse needs of this large and growing family. So it took a bit of time. Along the way, our customer service was paramount. In the end, success!

Yesterday we closed their purchase transaction with the wonderful help of Portland’s River Capital and Eugene’s Western Title, putting Joel, Melissa and their kids on Hendricks hill, in the South district, with more square footage and views, views, views. In addition, they stepped into a many-thousands equity position due to our aggressive yet polite negotiating.

Congratulations to the entire Davis family! Welcome to South Eugene!

Welcome to south Eugene!


Jefferson Gardener

Just who is Jefferson Gardener? Our apologies, for there is no “who,” rather only a “what” and a “where.”

2077 Jefferson is a charming, central, 3-bed availability with a 1/5-acre lot that backs up to an alley. The “gardener” portion of the property comes from a bounty of mature strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears. There’s also an expansive lawn and patio for play and entertaining. Want South Eugene school district? Done. Care to saunter over to the immense Washington Park and the new children’s spray-park section, and the summertime City-sponsored activities? Make it so. The gardening’s organic, the floors refinished, the gas furnace and fireplace new. It’s charming, it’s priced competitively, it’s garnering interest. Please sign-in and/or give me a call to view.

2077 Jefferson. 3-bed, 2-bath, 1621 feet, $285,000.


Room to roam.

Your own private island.

Open floorplan.

South hills paradise.

It’s not always about buying and selling. But if you have moved into south Eugene (or if you’re considering it) you’d be mad crazy if you didn’t spend some time at Hideaway Bakery. Right now I’m relaxed under a heat lamp (cool weather’s coming!), enjoying a cappuccino and working on wireless. All the while, JB gets her creative on working the inspired sandbox (covered off-hours), and everybody’s happy! Finally, Hideaway has a fantastic wood-fired oven for artisan breads and pizza, they turn out countless sweet and savory victuals and they are local local local, back to the day when we all used to school together. Eugene style! Hideaway.

Did your sandbox have a pulley system?

Friendly Neighborhood


Friendly is a sweet neighborhood.

The definition of move-in ready.

That’s you’re answer when Mom calls to find out about the location of your new home.

I used to live up above Friendly, way up, up Crest, up Blanton. Every day we’d come down the hill, often to the base of 29th and Friendly, and the people living there love it. They love Friendly Market, the park, the pleasant walkability of their mellow streets. Recently, there’s a fabulous tea shop (J-Tea), a spa (Radiant Health Center) and a new multi-use development in the works, all walking from this move-in ready home.

The landscaping is crisp, the roof impregnable. Paint is fresh from the can, heating and cooling updated in 2004. It’s a clean 3-bed, 2-bath with a large fourth bedroom or carpeted office above the garage. Oak floors meander, and the windows are insulated. Want to keep the front and back a luscious green? The sprinkler system offers a ready hand.

I think we did our pricing right on this one. Nearby competition includes “more expensive for less” and “a bit less expensive for oodles less.” Tell your friends and family about this well prepared life-choice and value.

2675 Polk. $225,000.

Sweet and tidy.


Is cash-talking trash-talking? – Do more cash offers fall through than conventional offers?

The answer is: Not this time!

An extremely fine cash transaction closes for our clients on Malibu Way. There are times when everyone compromises just enough, when everyone spreads a pleasant attitude, when a warm atmosphere of symbiosis is pervasive. And then shazam! – All parties skip along to the next stage in the evolution of their lives.

Congrats from Jaeger Real Estate!



A great deal!

What do you get when you cross 3-beds and 1.1 baths with contemporary styling, attractive kitchen design with slick bamboo hardwoods? This house! Newly listed with Jaeger Real Estate, this is an exceptional family value. We did the legwork to determine a price-per-square-foot that’s really hard to beat in central Eugene. Bike your way to Friendly Market, or even over to Market of Choice. Likewise you’re downtown in under 15 minutes, and the parkland at 24th and Polk is just moments away. The three beds are comfortably nestled in a nice carpeted lower level, perfect for a family on the rise, while the main level boasts quality outdoor gathering spaces to the north and south. For more info give Ben a call, e-mail or text. The home-page icons are on the left.

Thanks for your Website help.


My new site is up, thanks to Jenelle Isaacson, principal broker at Portland’s Living Room Realtors – from whom I drew inspiration – and to Jenelle’s web designers, Dawn and Zach of

Jenelle’s company is doing something special. It’s clear that community involvement and a healthy, happy family lifestyle – be that at home with kin or at the office with friends – is integral to her operations and outlook. I’ve known Jenelle for years since back when she lived in Eugene, and watching her site and business develop has been a helpful process in defining what I want to create with If you know someone looking at real estate in Portland, tell them to give Living Room Realtors a try. I know they’ll be excited to get connected, and please let them know the contact originated at Ben

At Jenelle’s suggestion I contacted Dawn and Zach of We Like to Build. The clean, modern, blog-driven site they’d developed for and with Living Room Realtors wouldn’t leave my head. It’s a clean, attractive and ideal format for integrating with the community. Can you really make “Best in the town” picks for not only real estate but also children’s activities, nightlife, community spirit? Of course you can, because celebrating, living-in and investing in Eugene are – and should be – one and the same! Zach and Dawn are pleasant, intelligent and responsive, and I feel very privileged to have them integral to the Eugene real estate push that is Give them a call for your website needs.

Thank you guys!

Got Woodstove?

If you’re planning to buy or sell a home with a wood stove, you may want to check out this new information from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Give us a call or check out this DEQ fact sheet.

DEQ woodstove removal factsheet

Houses for a dollar.

My father Jerry Fogelson did more than one type of developing back in the ’70s. I still have some of his photos of ocean fish hanging on my wall, and I’m still inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit and success in the world of real estate.

One ditty is how he had a couple houses literally moved for him when he wanted to build an apartment building. In the end he did well by selling the approved plans and someone else built the structure, but it couldn’t have worked without his organization and the moving of the houses.

One could do it for various reasons. For my pops it was the build. Make space, build, sell, profit. And the moved houses were enjoyed and not demolished. But as an alternative one might want to do it as a lifestyle choice; Make space on a lot so you can build your home. In Eugene, a common scenario is when the University expands they need to get rid of their residential structures to make way for campus. Generally, like my father, they just want the structures gone, and a gregarious investor will have them moved to a lot and fixed up for the hold or sell. Regardless of the reasoning, even if the property moving is a real “fixer”, there’s a decent probability of value-gain when you can acquire the house for the going price, often just a dollar.

When you’ve got the components together correctly, the numbers can be sweet. You’ll need money, time and a correctly-zoned lot. Recently I spoke with Chris Schoap of Eugene building movers, and he quoted an estimate of $18,000-$22,000 to move one of the five structures located (in June of 2011) at 19th and Emerald. The final cost can vary depending on numerous factors concerning both the house, the lot to where it will be moved and the route between A and B.

The other day some architects called and let me know about these houses on Emerald. Thank you Will Dixon and Travis Sheridan! These things are often time sensitive, as developers looking to clear the lot may be in a hurry, so I quickly booked time to view the houses and did a measurement of the alley behind a lot I own. No good, the alley was too narrow.

Being in the middle of a construction project I’m not positioned to purchase a lot at the moment, but I’d certainly like to do this in the future.

Give me a call if if you’d like more info or if this type of venture interests you!

Matt Kennedy: Local Design

Support local and check out work by Eugene resident designer/builder Matt Kennedy! Matt’s clean design appeals immediately to the discerning eye. His work has recently been featured in Eugene’s retail store Modern, down on 5th Ave. From Matt’s website: Port Rhombus Design was started by Matt Kennedy in 2009 and operates in flux between simple craft methods and technological production. Aside from a smart simplicity and playfulness my studio ultimately revolves around an idea of nostalgia. I want to create objects that are psychological in nature, something that will help you understand yourself a little more.

The hand of the designer will always be found in my products to retain a human element and to create a more personal relationship between the user and the maker. I want my products to be understood as a personal communication to the user. Everything I create is deeply related to my personal experience and never intended as a fashion statement.

As should be expected I have a high priority for environmental concerns. Through careful construction methods I seek to extend the life of my products. I also use scrap and waste materials whenever possible at all stages of the design development.

If nothing else, I hope I can bring a little curiosity into your life. Thank you for being here with me.”

For more information on Matt, go to his website or give us a call.

I want this chair. Is that rude?