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Ben Fogelson, Broker

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The birth of a rental unit.

As a family loving and living in the moment but also gazing towards a financial horizon, we always keep one eye peeled for respectable deals. Be they conventional purchases, for-sale-by-owners or just the occasional lottery ticket, passive income is the goal. I personally love when an owner will carry a good contract, when mortgage payments are firmly drummed by the rents, resulting in income to set away for improvements or simply living expenses … but those aren’t always easy to find. Still we try. In this case, the income generates by placing savings into a backyard rental construction. Eugene Architects Will Dixon and Travis Sheridan are on point in this endeavor. Here’s an initial 3-d of the “Garden Cottage.” Stay tuned for insights, stories of success and horror from the world of back-yard construction.

"Integrated" with our garden or smack-dab in our garden?

Ayren Spinner’s testimonial

Ayren Spinner, father of four, wins his free time.

Ben helped me sell my rental duplex in late summer 2008. I was out of the country at the time, so he had to manage literally everything involved with the sale. He hired and supervised the landscapers, inspections, and everything else necessary to prepare the property for sale. I was able to track the progress poolside in Mexico via calls and emails. We received a good offer in less than a month, which I thought was exceptional, given the market at that time. Thanks Ben!

– Ayren Spinner, software developer

Wendy Gildea’s testimonial

Ben Fogelson found us the perfect house.  We engaged him to locate a house near the University of Oregon.  Within a week he’d found just what we were looking for and we made an offer on the spot.  The purchase couldn’t have gone smoother.  With his great attention to detail and professionalism Ben made is easy to buy the house of our dreams, and at a great price as well.

We highly recommend Ben. He’s good at his job.

– Wendy and Larry Gildea

Brendan Mahaney’s testimonial

Monsieur Mahaney, of Eugene's celebrated Belly on 5th St.

When I was looking to open Belly restaurant in Eugene in 2008, I was very fortunate to have Ben Fogelson on my side.  He  managed  and facilitated the acquisition of a coveted lease with professionalism, insight, and grace.  He was friendly and a huge asset.  I have total trust in his efforts and integrity.
– Brendan Mahaney
proprietor, Belly Restaurant

Charlie Tebbutt’s testimonial

“Ben listens to what his clients want and gets the job done. I appreciate his honest, straightforward approach to the real estate business. He knows the Eugene area. These qualities separate Ben from most of his peers.”

– Charlie Tebbutt, Environmental Attorney

Mark Frohnmayer’s testimonial

“Ben was very helpful in finding the right house for me and guiding me through the process from the initial search all the way through close. As a Eugene native he has a lifetime familiarity with the market and an intimate knowledge of the local geography. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the services of a great Realtor.”

– Mark Frohnmayer, President at Arcimoto

Tim Ream’s testimonial

“You want a great Realtor; getting a great person is such a bonus. Ben Fogelson is both. He knows the market, figured out what I needed quick, and helped me close a great deal on a place I love. And the whole time we were working together he was such a pleasure to be around. Ben actually turned the high stress of buying and selling houses into a pleasant experience. He’ll certainly be who I call the next time.”

– Tim Ream

Karl Weaver’s Testimonial

“My wife and I bought a home in Eugene in December with Ben’s help. Coming from out of state, we did not know the area at all. We weren’t even sure exactly what we were looking for, and revised our criteria as we searched. Ben worked hard to find us the properties we’d be interested in, tried to orient us to the roads and areas of the city, pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in various properties, and (a big plus) had a great sense of humor which made the search fun. In today’s market almost every sale seems like a marathon event. We were happy teaming up with him for the duration.”

– Karl Weaver

Michael Knapp’s testimonial

Michael Knapp living the life.

“Mr. Ben Fogelson’s understanding of the dynamic real estate environment and his knowledge of the market conditions specific to the Willamette Valley are solid and astute. Additionally, his timely sense of humor, unique to Ben, helped us accomplish satisfactory negotiations with a very unhappy seller.

“As we tell our clients, ‘It’s better with Ben.'”

– Michael Knapp, River Capital

Katie Meehan’s testimonial

“Ben was my eyes and ears on the ground while I purchased a Eugene home from out-of-state. His local know-how and connections helped me find an amazing house in a great neighborhood and secure a mortgage with a wonderful credit union. But it’s his warmth and humor that really sets him apart–he taught me so much and buoyed my spirits through the complexities of buying my first home. Thanks, Ben!”

– Katie Meehan