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Jefferson Gardener

Just who is Jefferson Gardener? Our apologies, for there is no “who,” rather only a “what” and a “where.”

2077 Jefferson is a charming, central, 3-bed availability with a 1/5-acre lot that backs up to an alley. The “gardener” portion of the property comes from a bounty of mature strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples and pears. […]

South hills paradise.

It’s not always about buying and selling. But if you have moved into south Eugene (or if you’re considering it) you’d be mad crazy if you didn’t spend some time at Hideaway Bakery. Right now I’m relaxed under a heat lamp (cool weather’s coming!), enjoying a cappuccino and working on wireless. All the while, JB […]

Friendly Neighborhood


Friendly is a sweet neighborhood.

The definition of move-in ready.

That’s you’re answer when Mom calls to find out about the location of your new home.

I used to live up above Friendly, way up, up Crest, up Blanton. Every day we’d come down the […]

Is cash-talking trash-talking? – Do more cash offers fall through than conventional offers?

The answer is: Not this time!

An extremely fine cash transaction closes for our clients on Malibu Way. There are times when everyone compromises just enough, when everyone spreads a pleasant attitude, when a warm atmosphere of symbiosis is pervasive. And then shazam! – All parties skip along to the next stage in the evolution […]