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Ben Fogelson, Broker

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The birth of a rental unit.

As a family loving and living in the moment but also gazing towards a financial horizon, we always keep one eye peeled for respectable deals. Be they conventional purchases, for-sale-by-owners or just the occasional lottery ticket, passive income is the goal. I personally love when an owner will carry a good contract, when mortgage payments are firmly drummed by the rents, resulting in income to set away for improvements or simply living expenses … but those aren’t always easy to find. Still we try. In this case, the income generates by placing savings into a backyard rental construction. Eugene Architects Will Dixon and Travis Sheridan are on point in this endeavor. Here’s an initial 3-d of the “Garden Cottage.” Stay tuned for insights, stories of success and horror from the world of back-yard construction.

"Integrated" with our garden or smack-dab in our garden?