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Matt Kennedy: Local Design

Support local and check out work by Eugene resident designer/builder Matt Kennedy! Matt’s clean design appeals immediately to the discerning eye. His work has recently been featured in Eugene’s retail store Modern, down on 5th Ave. From Matt’s website: Port Rhombus Design was started by Matt Kennedy in 2009 and operates in flux between simple craft methods and technological production. Aside from a smart simplicity and playfulness my studio ultimately revolves around an idea of nostalgia. I want to create objects that are psychological in nature, something that will help you understand yourself a little more.

The hand of the designer will always be found in my products to retain a human element and to create a more personal relationship between the user and the maker. I want my products to be understood as a personal communication to the user. Everything I create is deeply related to my personal experience and never intended as a fashion statement.

As should be expected I have a high priority for environmental concerns. Through careful construction methods I seek to extend the life of my products. I also use scrap and waste materials whenever possible at all stages of the design development.

If nothing else, I hope I can bring a little curiosity into your life. Thank you for being here with me.”

For more information on Matt, go to his website or give us a call.

I want this chair. Is that rude?