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Friendly Neighborhood


Friendly is a sweet neighborhood.

The definition of move-in ready.

That’s you’re answer when Mom calls to find out about the location of your new home.

I used to live up above Friendly, way up, up Crest, up Blanton. Every day we’d come down the hill, often to the base of 29th and Friendly, and the people living there love it. They love Friendly Market, the park, the pleasant walkability of their mellow streets. Recently, there’s a fabulous tea shop (J-Tea), a spa (Radiant Health Center) and a new multi-use development in the works, all walking from this move-in ready home.

The landscaping is crisp, the roof impregnable. Paint is fresh from the can, heating and cooling updated in 2004. It’s a clean 3-bed, 2-bath with a large fourth bedroom or carpeted office above the garage. Oak floors meander, and the windows are insulated. Want to keep the front and back a luscious green? The sprinkler system offers a ready hand.

I think we did our pricing right on this one. Nearby competition includes “more expensive for less” and “a bit less expensive for oodles less.” Tell your friends and family about this well prepared life-choice and value.

2675 Polk. $225,000.

Sweet and tidy.